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The Mid Upsidowner has smaller center panels than the classic Upsidowner, making it more form-fitting around the torso as a shirt, and shorter drop crotch as pants. It gives its wearer the ability to style for any mood or expression. Wear as a drop crotch pants, long sleeve shirt, dress, crop top, jumpsuit and more for an everlasting multitude of looks! Magnets hold the neck (or other body part) opening closed. The pockets work in both directions.


model :: josue hart // photo :: tilly d wolfe


Made to Order by Tilly, at Studio 99 in Brooklyn

Please allow 2-3 weeks for production and shipping. 

Mid Upsidowner

Color: Black

measure around where you like to wear your pants (or other kinds of bottoms), in inches. 

[6] 58-62"   

[5] 43-57"   

[4] 38-42"   

[3] 33-37"   

[2] 28-32" 

[1] 23-27"  

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