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Designed with multifunctionality and versatility at the forefront, the Quad Slider can transition between countless looks through its 4 holes and 2 layers. You can slip your body in between the double layers to create a draping dress with wings, use the pocket flaps to create a wrap tie skirt, slide your arms through the top 2 holes to wear as a long vest, and so on. We encourage you to experiment with the holes and layers to find personal ways to wear!


It's the garment that's featured in the video! The only one of its kind.


model :: josue hart // photos :: tilly d wolfe


Made by Tilly, at Studio 99 in Brooklyn

Quad Slider: Natural Dye


fabric :: 95% micro modal / 5% spandex

modal is a rayon of beechwood, harvested in the forest farms of Austria, where the animal habitats are maintained and respected. The beechwood pulp is turned into a fiber in South Korea and knit in North Carolina. 

NATURAL DYED by Tilly, with avocado pits/skins, acorns, chamomile, and turmeric for natural vibrancy. Iron was used to activate these ingredients to develop the blue tones. Aluminum was used to activate the pink/yellow tones.

wash :: hand wash gentle cold, lay flat or fold over hanger to dry

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